As we have trained missional leaders in a rapidly changing culture we’ve seen 5 key principles that have proved essential in developing young leaders in the church, the community, and the marketplace. These principles are woven throughout FORM teaching and training: 

Identity—Who you are and where you belong

Integrity—Cultivating character and living an integrated life

Investment—Use everything available to you to invest in others and make disciples

Impact—Kingdom living in your community and city

Intensity—Spiritual passion that grows and matures through every stage of life

Some topics that are covered in the FORM training are: 

  • Theology of covenant and kingdom
  • Missional discipleship
  • Leading missional communities
  • Prayer
  • Family Systems
  • Spiritual Warfare 
  • Cultural contextualization
  • Racial reconciliation
  • Engaging in reciprocal relationships with neighbors and coworkers
  • Rhythms of work and rest
  • God and work integration
  • Leadership
  • Relationships
  • Financial responsibility